KM K8 In Race (2015)

Great News From Brunei! ! !

Race Name : 2015 JHR Nitro Race Brunei 2015

Date : 2015,Aug.23rd

Place : Youth Park RC Track,Brunei

K8 Titles :


Top 10—two KM K8

Below race report from KM Brunei distributor :

The JHR Nitro Race 2015 was held at the Youth Park RC Track this past weekend. The track was very big with sweeping turns and was prepped with sugar water the day before.

There were 4 qualifying rounds based on 2 best points system. Wirawan who missed the first 3 rounds had to settled for 10th position for the start of the 30 mins final. Top Qualifier was Hj Jahar Rahmadi.

During the start, Wirawan’s K8 quickly gained position and by the 2nd lap took the lead and never looked back. At the end, he easily won the race by 12 laps and recorded the fastest lap of the final, 18.481 secs. Second place went to Atak from Miri and Jul took home third place.

Great news from Hong Kong! !

Race : 2015 Team C Open Race

Date : Aug 16th 2015

Place : TRC track, Hong Kong

K8 Title :

Best Lap—Shinya Shimazaki

TQ—Shinya Shimazaki

Champion—Shinya Shimazaki

Great News From Brunei !

Race Name : 2015 GHL R/C GP Series (3 round)

Date : 2015,Aug.9th

Place : Please Bandar Seri Begawan,Brunei

K8 Title :



Below race report from Edwin of Brunei :

We have a race report to update.
Round 3 of the GHL R/C GP Series 2015 was held last weekend at Taman Budiman in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.
After a short break during the month of Ramadhan, the 1/8 GP race was held in last weekend.
There were 3 qualifying heats of 10 minutes and Wirawan driving a K8, who missed the previous round, top qualifying with 31 laps over 3 heats.
During the 45 minutes final, Brian Lim, winner of round 2 and Jura were leading the race due to a small technical problem with Wirawan’s car. He had to make a pit stop to fix the problem and a mountain to climb as he was 10 laps down from the leader, Brian after the 10 minute mark. With precise and swift driving, he was only behind by 5 laps after 30 minutes and a tire change.
With Brian opting not to make a tire change, he was unable to push his car with Wirawan closing the gap. With 5 minutes to go, Wirawan eventually took the lead and won the race with Brian second and Ariff, in his first ever GP race, third.

Great News From Hong Kong !

Race name : 2015 Matrix International GP Championship In Hong Kong

Date : 2015 July, 4th~5th

Place : TRC track, Hong Kong

H-K1 Titles:

Best lap—Shinya Shimazaki

TQ—Shinya Shimazaki

Champion—Shinya Shimazaki

Top 10—Two H-K1 in A Main

K8 Titles:

Top 10—Two K8 in A Main

Great News From Japan! ! !

Race Name : 2015 SPK Series Race

Date : 2015 June 14th

Place : Hobby Center SPK Racing Track

KM K8 Title :

Champion — Shoki Takahata

Below race report from KM Japan :

Last weekend, Hobby Center SPK organize SPK series race. KM Team driver Takahata won this race with his K8.

Grand final was 20 minutes, and Takahata made comfortable lead from beginning to the end.

Congulatilation Shoki!!

Thank you.

KM double victory in Malayia!

Race Name: 2015 Malayia National Championship (round 2)

Date : 2015 May.31

Place : Malayia, Titiwangsa

KM H-K1 Title :

1/10 Champion—Baby Boy

KM K8 Title :

1/8 Champion—Alex

K8 private drivers got the podium for the club races in Japan!!!

Race Name :2015 Carrera Cup Round2

Place : Japan

Date : 2015 April,26th

K8 Titles :

2nd Place—Okumurara Hiroyuki

Race Name :2015 Boss Speed Series Race!

Place : Japan

Date : 2015 May,10th

K8 Titles :

2nd Place—Nakayama Hiroo

1/8 GP Japan National will be held by the end of this month.

so KM Team drivers will prove K8 is the best chassis in the market!!

We have a big victory in 2015 FEMCA! ! !

Race Name : 2015 FEMCA Asia On Road GP Championship In Hong Kong!

Place : Hong Kong

Date : 2015 April,17th-19th

1/10 GP touring car( KM H-K1)

1. Best Lap—Shimazaki Shinya(13.800sec)

2. TQ—Shimazaki Shinya

3. Top 10—3 H-K1 in A main

1/8 GP Touring Car(KM K8)

1. Best Lap—Shimazaki Shinya(12.211 sec)

2. TQ—Shimazaki Shinya

3. Champion—Takahata Shoki

4. Top10—2 H-K1 in A Main

KM K8 become the FEMCA Asia Champion car! ! !

Thank you!

Great news from Hong Kong!


Date : Mar 15th 2015

H-K1 Titles :

TQ : Shimazaki Shinya

Champion : Shimazaki Shinya

Top 10—Two H-K1 Meen Version

K8 Titles :

Champion : Shimazaki Shinya

Top 10—Two KM K8

TRC Best Lap Track Record :

1/10-H-K1 (Shimazaki Shinya) : 13.6sec

1/8-K8(Shimazaki Shinya) : 12.3sec

Great news from Brunei! ! !

Race Name : 2015 Brunei GHL R/C GP Series

Date : 2015 Feb,1st

K8 Titles:

1. Champion—Wirawan

2. 2nd Place—Julaihi

Below race report from KM Brunei distributor:

We have our first race report for 2015. Title : GHL R/C GP Series 2015 Around 17 local Brunei drivers compete in Round 1 of the GHL R/C GP Series 2015 at the Taman Budiman R/C track here in Bandar Seri Begawan on the 1st Feb. After three qualifying rounds, Jura managed to be top qualifier followed by Pg Azam and Bahrin third. In the 30 mins A-Main final, 11 cars were on the grid and Wirawan driving a K8 managed to drive a perfect race and win by 6 laps over first runner-up Julaihi also driving a K8 and Pg Azam third driving a Serpent. Round 2 will be in March and a total of 6 rounds will be run till the end of the year.

Great news from Japan! ! !

Race name : 2015 RC speed new year race in japan

Date : Jan 3rd, 2015
K8 Titles :
Best Lap : Takahata (18.004sec)
TQ : Takahata
Champion : Takahata
2nd place : Katsuhiko
Below race report from KM Japan :

written by Katsuhiko-san In Jan.3rd, New Year Race at RC Speed Park Kagawa KM Team Driver, Takahata attend this race. I was very shocked because of his level is so high, and so fast at the track!! Takahata just come to attend this race, and immediately he made Best Track Record, 18.004 seconds, so all drivers and spectators are also very excited his World Level driving. It was great! ! I also could finish 2nd with my KM Racing K8 and Futaba4PX radio…same as Takahata. As result, KM & Futaba brand got 1st and 2nd place by us.