H-K1 in Race (2014)

H-K1 & Azri Amri took 2014 Malaysia National 1/10 GP Champion Title!!!

Race name : 2014 Malaysia National GP Championship

2014 Dec,13~14th

Place : Malaysia

H-K1 Title :

TQ—Azri Amri

Champion—Azri Amri

KM H-K1 won Brazil 700 laps endurance race continue 3 years champion!!!

Race name : 2014 Brazil 700 laps endurance race

2014 Dec,14th

Place : Brazil

H-K1 Title :


Great News From Hong Kong!

2014 KM & TRC GP Challenge in Hong Kong

2014 Dec,13th~14th

Place : Hong Kong

H-K1 Title :

TQ—Shimazaki Shinya

Champion—Shimazaki Shinya

2nd Place—Hung Cheung Hang

Top 10—Four H-K1 Meen Version

Best Lap & TRC New Track Record:

1.1/10 GP—Shimazaki Shinya (13.8 sec)

2.1/8 GP—Shimazaki Shinya (12.3 sec)

Good news from Japan! ! !

Race report from KM Japan :

Dear Sirs and Madams,

Hope you are fine.

We have a good news from Western part of Japan. TamTam Gifu branch renew their racing track, and they just organize Opening Race. Therefore, from Tokyo area, some expert drivers like Fukuda with Mugen also attend this race. However, local H-K1 drivers dominate the podium against such expert drivers!! TQ was taken by Mugen Fukuda-san, and 2nd was KM Asahara-san…. When the grand final start, in 2nd lap, Asahara-san pass Fukuda-san and keep leading the final…. This good battle was continued by 5 minutes, but Fukuda-san crash and finish his race. So, Asahara-san made huge comfortable lead and become 1st memorial winner on this new track!!

Race Name : TamTam Racing Track Opening Race

Date : Nov.23rd 2014

Entry : 24 drivers for 1/10 GP Touring Class

H-K1 Title : Winner by Asahara-san (But he is declined the award as KM team driver!!)

So, 1st place, H-K1 driver Mr. Kobayashi & 2nd place, also H-K1 driver Mr. Kozeki

Total 4 H-K1 in Grand Final

The Best Lap Record made by H-K1 Driver Mr. Yamashita

Thank you very much for ALL H-K1 Drivers! !

And Congratulations for Finalists!!

Great News From Czech Nitro On- Road National Chamionship !

Great News From Czech Nitro On- Road National Chamionship !

Michael Jensa & H-K1 are the yearly Chamipion! ! !

Race name : 2014 Czech nitro on-road national championship (final round)

Date : 2014 Nov,15th~16th

Place : Czech Republic

H-K1 Titles :

2014 1/10 GP yearly champion—Michael Jensa

TQ—Michael Jensa

Champion(final round)—Michael Jensa

Top 10—Two H-K1 Meen Version

Below race report from Michael Jansa :

The final round of the Czech nitro on-road championships.

Beautiful autumn weather, 18°C and technical track just 60 km from Brno hosted this race. Many racers wanted to fight for the last points to the final championship ranking. I did not want to let the chance to win the championship go by and wanted to win this last race and thus the championship title. After qualification runs, battling with my brother Pavel and Jirka Vyšín and I started from first spot on the grid in finals. It was very important for me just to prepare everything for the finals and choose the best tire and fuel strategy. After a great battle between me, Jirka Vyšín and Ondřej Kulhánek at the beginning of the final, I pulled away of the pursuers with flawless and amazing pitstops and won this important race with ten laps ahead other racers. The car ran perfectly throughout the race. I was very happy with this result, which helped me to achieve another title this year. This year I won two championships(Nitro czech cup) Overall championship results 1/10 nitro: 1. Michal Jansa – H-K1 2. Jirka Vyšín 3. Ondřej Kulhánek

Great News From 2014 All Japan 1/10 GP National Championship!!!

Race: 2014 All Japan National for 1/10 GP Sedan

Place: Boss Speed (Kanagawa, Japan)

Date:2014 Oct 17th~19th

KM H-K1 Title: 3rd & 5th in Open Class

Top 10: Two H-K1 Meen Version

Below race report from Japan :

Semi Final, Takahata keep comfortable lead for whole 20 minutes, and start from 3rd grid for following grand A final. And Shimazaki also finish 3rd in this group then also got the grand final seat. Another semi-final group, Meen was the fastest in the group, no one doubt to get grand final seat, but touch the fence a little, and unfortunately the chassis fly to the air, and chassis got damaged, must fix his chassis, when back to track, it was too late, the race is almost finished. Charlee finished 4th in this group, but another group 4th and 5th place, only 2 second faster, so Charlee finish his race as 11th place and couldn’t get the A main seat..

Grand Final, all 10 drivers are very famous world top drivers. Among such drivers, 3rd position start,KM H-K1 Takahata pass 2 cars and keep running the race as leader, only 1/8 World Champion, Sahashi can follow H-K1… All other cars can not follow these 2 cars. Same lap, same timing, leader Takahata and Sahashi enter pit lane for their first pit stop for fuel, Sahashi back to track first and Takahata back to track as second…. These drivers were too fast to follow for other drivers. Approx., 20 minutes (grand final is 40 minutes), all drivers change tires, just before change tire, last 2 minutes, Takahata’s tire wear too quick than he expect, so the 2 minutes, he had to slow down the pace, so the position become 2nd to 4th position… After change tire, his lap time back to normal, and pass all cars and back to 1st place again…. Suddenly, Sahashi engine is flame out, so even he back to track again, podium was too far…. Shimo & Fukuda were keep driving steady, and following Takahata, and Takahata made a small mistake (too much inside and car flip over), and very very unlucky accident was happened here!!!!! Tkahata’s H-K1 just flip upside down (no damage at all) in front of JMRCA staff (race organizer), and course mersial thought JMRCA staff fix the car just in front, but the staff never help just watching and wait course mersial fix…. But course mersial position is very far, and he see the staff is just there, so only yelled to the staff to fix the car. But the staff also yelled to mersial, “ come to help the car…” Even National even, and Grand final…. Leading car is flip over on the racing track, but more than 10 second, no one help the car!!!! Everyone, Takahata, his pit men, and spectators can not believe this happen for grand final!! Very fortunately, even the car is upside down for more than 10 seconds, engine never stop, so he just waist 10 seconds and his position from top to 6th position!! But still approx. 8 minutes left, Takahata H-K1 never give up the race, and keep unbelievable high pace until the race is over, and got the 3rd place!!

His final position was 3rd, but 40 minutes grand final best lap, Takahata H-K1 is much faster than others. If, Race organizer or Course mersial fix his car normally on time without watching…. No doubt Takahata H-K1 might win this race… All spectators are same opinion, we think!! H-K1 is not only strong for high traction racing track, but also fast on any Japanese low traction racing track!! Even Shimazaki finish 5th position among such world top drivers!! Race is race, I should not say, “if “, but if Meen did not have any bad luck in semi final….we sure he finish top 3 easily for the grand final. Takahata & Meen H-K1 was very very fast on the last day of Japan National, that is why!! Thank you very much!!

Good News from KM Japan!

Good news from H-K1 private driver in Japan “Super Cup” GP series race!

Just last weekend, RC Shop Next organize their 9th series race!! Only 9 drivers attend this race, but H-K1 private drivers got TQ & Win, also another H-K1 driver got 2nd place who is series race Yearly Champion now.The above picture, center is winner Mr. Shimizu, and left side wearing glasses is 2nd place Mr. Morita.

Race Name: Super Cup Series 9

Date : 2014 Oct. 12th

Place : RC Shop NEXT Racing Track

H-K1 Title:



2nd Place—Morita

2014 Yearly Champion—Shimizu

Hugo & H-K1 took 2014 Portugal National Championship 1/10 GP Yearly Vice-Champion! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Portugal National GP Championship (Final Round)

Date : 2014,Oct 4th~5th

Place : Portugal

H-K1 Title :

2014 Portugal National Championship 1/10 GP yearly Vice-Champion—Hugo Mendes

Gabor & H-K1 Won 2014 Hungarian National GP Championship (Final Round) !

Race name : 2014 Hungary National GP Championship ( Final Round )

Date : 2014 Sept 20th ~ 21th

Place : Hungary

H-K1 Titles :

Forrai Gabor — Champion ( Final round )

Forrai Gabor — 2014 Hungarian National GP Yearly Vice-Champion

2 H-K1 in Top 10

We had our last nationals this weekend. The track surface was not the best, with big long holes in it, the tire worn out was critical for everyone. I had to make a very soft suspension to my car to survive the 30 minutes long final without tire changing. The qualifications went well, I was second on the grid. In the finals after the start I lost one position, but I could overtake in a few laps so i was second and I started closing the gap to the leader. After a few laps, before the first pit stop, my car rolled over in a high speed corner because of a long hole on the track’s surface. The the engine stopped for a few seconds during the pit stop, so after 5 minutes I was two laps behind the field. From than I was pushing my car to maximum, drove without mistake the rest 25 minutes. With the good tire tactic I was able to finish second position, only 10 seconds behind the winner, who is a very experienced Italian driver. He does not have hungarian license, so basically I won this round of the hungarian nationals. In the overall championship I had very bad luck. If the championship leader would get 0 points and I would won the race, I would be the champion. I won the race, and he gave up, but he scored one point, so he became the Hungarian champion, and I finished 1 point behind him on 2nd position. However I was only able to attend 3 races out of 5. For next year I’m planning to race the K8, and I think I can find very good drivers for the HK-1! I’m looking forward the next season! Thank you for all your help!

Thank you!

Edu & H-K1 took 2014 Spanish 1/10 GP National Champion ! ! !

Race name : 2014 spain 1/10 GP national championship ( final round )

Date : 2014 Sept . 20th ~ 21th

Place : Spain

H-K1 Titles :

2014 Yearly Champion — Edu Escandon

3 H-K1 in Top 10

Good News From Brazil! !

Race Name : 2014 Brazilian GP National Final Round

Date : 2014 Aug 23th ~ 24th

H-K1 Titles :

1/10 Master Class — 2014 Champion Demian Diniz

1/10 Sportman Class — 2014 Champion Demian Diniz

1/10 Expert Class — 2014 Vice-Champ Cesar

K8 Titles :

1/8 Expert Class — 2014 Vice-Champ Cesar

3 H-K1 in Top 10

Below race report from KM distributor Cesar :

Brazilian Nationals Final Report

I just got back from the last round of national championship. Unfortunatelly for me the title has not come this year, but we showed a very solid performance and my team mate Demian Diniz became champion on both Sporstman and Masters classes.

I was on fight for the title against Brazilian star Flavio Elias, but as the championship has 3 rounds, being 2 of them held on his own track, my task was really hard.

1:10 Masters class :

Demian Diniz already won the title with 2 first places in the first two rounds. He also lead the 3rd round final most of time, although an engine flameout ended his chances this time.

1:10 Sportsman class :

Demian fought hard against title contender Rafael Yamamoto ( Kyosho ) and managed to win the 45 minute final to get his 2nd title ! !

1:10 Expert class :

I worked a lot on car setup and tires trying to match Flavio Elias’ pace. During qualifying rounds we ran a class of our own, with a much faster pace. In the last round my car was amazing and I was on TQ pace, but made a mistake and could not finish as a steering linkage popped off. The track is super fast and has no curbs, all track layout is surrounded by solid concrete borders, one single mistake and the car is broken.

The main final started and the main concern was tire wear. I started on 2nd place and took the lead after the start, but Flavio (TQ) touched my car to take the lead again and I dropped to 4th place. I managed to overtake one car and started to make “my race” on 3rd place, around 3secs behind Flavio and 1sec behind Eduardo Dulac. They stopped to refuel at 4’20” and my strategy was to refuel between 5’20” and 5’40” depending on the race conditions. As they stopped very early, I decided to refuel after 5 minutes and thanks to a very fast refuelling I left the pitlane on 2nd place. Another important part of my strategy was to lead the race after Flavio refuelling and it was working perfectly as I always took the lead and he couldn’t overtake me until I entered in the pits again. Unfortunatelly at my 3rd pit stop I didn’t brake my car properly and stopped ahead of my pitman, loosing like 3~4 seconds. From that time Flavio could lead without changing the lead with me, but I was sti

ll on the game. With 20 minutes Flavio ran ot of fuel when his car was already on the pitlane, he lost almost a lap and I took the lead. The race stayed like this but after 30 minutes my engine started to loose performance, I wasn’t sure if my tires were too small or the engines setting was too lean and I just focused on driving with precision to avoid losing too much time. An expected stop to set the carburetor or to change a glowplug would ruin my race. Unfortunatelly with 10 minutes to go the engine performance was really poor and both Eduardo Dulac and Flavio closed the gap between them and me. We started to swap the lead every pitstop and I was still alive as I would refuel 1 or 2 less times. After my last pitstop the engine performance was really bad and another driver collected my car in the middle of the straigth. I just tried to finish the race with a broken rim, my chances of winning were gone and and my engine would eventually flame out with 30 seconds to finish due t

o a glowplug failure. With this result I became vice-champion. My team mate Fabricio Zamperetti finished on 4th place, but he wasn’t able to attend the first two rounds.

1:8 class

The race went OK, I’m quite novice in 1:8 scale and Flavio was racing for his 10th title in this class at his own track. I just could not match his pace and just drove my race, also had some problems with backmarkers, damaging my body sell and rear tire, but still managed to control my race and did not change tires, finishin on 2nd place to become vice champion as well.

I look forward to the 2015 season and also plan to confirm my presence at the world championship at Huge RC in Thailand

KM H-K1 Victory in Hungarian National! ! !

Race Name : Hungary National 1/10 GP Championship (2nd Road)

Date : 2014 Aug.17th

Venue : Hungary

H-K1 Titles :

Champion—Forrai Gabor

Below Race report from Hungarian KM driver Gabor:

I had a great weekend and I was able to win the Rd.4 of the Hungarian Nationals. I have learned a lot about the car again, and it was working perfect during the 30 minutes final, what I was able to drive without any mistake and finished 3 laps front of the current hungarian champion.

Great Victories for H-K1 and K8 in Malaysia GP! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Malaysia GP

Date : 2014 Aug 16th ~ 17th

Venue : KLIRCC, Malaysia

H-K1 Titles :

Best Lap — Meen V

TQ — Charlee P

Champion — Chavit Gem

2nd Place — Nelson Lee

Top 10 — Six KM H-K1 Meen Version

K8 Titles :

Champion — Nelson Lee

Top 10 — Three KM K8

Please find below and attached report from Singapore KM driver Nelson Lee :

Merdeka GP Challenge 2014 Malaysia (16-17 August) The Merdeka GP Challenge was held at the beautiful track at Kepong KLIRCC Malaysia. This race had a total participant of 135 racers for 1/8, 1/10 and GT categories. Definitely one of the biggest race in Malaysia this year. I took part both 1/8 and 1/10. The competition is steep, we have countries from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Malaysia competing in this race. During Saturday qualifying, we only had 2 rounds of qualifying due to early morning rain. My K8 was doing well and I had a reasonable pace on big tires. I manage to qualify 4th on the grid. As for my H-K1, I only managed to qualify 10th position. In the (1/8) 60 minutes final, I was able to keep a consistence pace without losing too much ground to the leaders. The re-fueling and tire change went prefect for me and I won the race with a margin of 10 laps to the 2nd position car. In my 1/10 finals, everything went well and finish 2nd position overall. Very happy with my performance and big thanks my sponsor KM & Razor RC for supporting me.

Great Results for KM H-K1 in 2014 Euro Champ! ! ! !

Race Name : 2014 European 1/10 GP Championship

Date : 2014 Aug.13th ~ 16th.

Venue : Valencia,Spain

H-K1 Titles :

1st Running-up — Escandon Fernardez(Spain)

8th Place — Silvio Hachler(Swiss)

Top 10 — Two H-K1 Meen Version

Below short report :

Silvio was all good & very fast throught out the week and he qualified 4th into the A main final. Escandon was also strong & fast,even he has to bump up from 1/4 and semi,he pass throught all with very good run and stand 9th into the A Main final. For A main final,Silvio was 2nd until his receiver broken down,without this accidient he may have chance to challenge the top spot since he can save one pit stop than the leading car. Escandon was performing a very fast & stable drive on 3rd,he took the 2nd position and secure his podium until the end. Great job by our two new & young drivers!!!!!

Great News From Brazil! ! !

KM H-K1 100% Victory In Sao Paulo State 2014 champion in both Sportsman and Expert class

Race name : 2014 Brazil Sao Paulo Championship Final

Date :2014 Aug,9th ~ 10th

Vence : Brazil Sao Paulo

H-K1 Titles :

Expert Class — 2014 champion : Cesar Salvadori ( 3 wins out of 4 rounds + 2 TQs )

Sportsman Class — 2014 champion : Rafael Lima

Good news from Germany! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Northgerman Championship (4th round)

Date : 2014 July 20th

Place : Germany

H-K1 Title :

Champion—Kristof Sielaff

Below race report from XciteRC & KM driver Kristof Sielaff: Hello,This Weekend was the 4th run for the Northgermanchamps in Munster. After the Qualifying I was on p 2 . Only few Minutes After the Start i overtak and was in the lead until the end . I had to make one more fuelstop but I won with a Good Gap of over 10 secounds I only drove so fast that i win and have a good gap because the Tyre wear was very high so I saved my Tyres . It was 30 degrees but the Car runs reallly good!

2014 FEMCA Nitro On-road Championship!

KM H-K1 & K8 took maximum share in Top 10! ! ! Race name : 2014 FEMCA Nitro On-Road Championship Date : 2014 June 20th~22th Place : Twin Circuit , Jakata , Indonesia H-K1 Titles: 2nd place – Charlee P Top 10 – Four KM H-K1 Meen Version 2th,4th,5th,6th K8 Titles: Top 10- Four KM K8 5th,7th, 8th,10th

Good News from Japan again! ! !

Race Name : 2014 TamTam Series Race Place : TamTam Gifu Branch Permanent Racing Track Date : 2014 June15th H-K1 Title : GP Touring Class Champion by Kobayashi-san ( Congratulations, Kobayashi-san!! ) TQ by Asahara-san Top 10 : Five H-K1 Below race report from KM Japan : Good news again and again from our team drivers in Japan!! TamTam Gifu Branch has their permanent Racing Track, and they organize their series race in last Sunday (June15th). And our team driver, Asahara-san attend the race with his many friends who drive H-K1. Asahara-san got TQ by his H-K1, but grand final, his H-K1 run out the fuel, so loose the race. But his friend, Kobayashi-san (H-K1) won the race!! This race, Shimazaki-san could not attend, but his H-K1 has still track record that no one can beat!! Still local drivers can not forget Shimazaki’s crazy fast driving there!! Thank you very much.


Great news from Japan! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Japan Central Cup

Place : AIDA Circuit in Okayama, Japan

Date : 2014 June 14th & 15th

Class : 1/10 GP Touring Car

H-K1 Title :

Champion : Takahata

Best Lap : Takahata

Below race report from KM Japan : Hope you are fine. Our new young team driver, Takahata-san just receive his H-K1 Meen kit one week ago, and finish assembled his H-K1 just before his first race with the KM, and qualifying 2nd (best lap by Takahata) . In the A-main final, he won the race! ! Not only the staffs from “Central”,many top Japanese drivers such as the current 1/8 GP on road world champion Sahashi-san, and also the fast local drivers who always attend Japan National were all attending this race. However, even no time to set up H-K1, just shake down (assembled chassis followed by instruction manual), Takahata-san made best lap during this weekend, and took champion of the race. Many local drivers are big surprised this unbelievable performance by H-K1 chassis & Takahata-san. After he study H-K1 more and more,sure he will be even faster for coming races in both Japan domestic and overse! !


Great News From Brazil! ! !

100% score for KM at 2nd round of Brazilian Nationals! ! ! ! Below race report from KM Brazil Cesar : The Brazilian national championship separated in 4 classes : 1:8 1:10 Masters (35+ year drivers) 1:10 Touring (Sportsman driver, no experts allowed) 1:10 Open (open for all drivers, mandatory for expert drivers) In 1:10 Masters class, the driver Demian Diniz, who attended all 4 classes of the event (!!!), won the race and took the tile as he won the 1st round as well. Lincoln Almeida finished on 2nd to make a KM 1-2!!! 1. Demian Diniz – KM / Novarossi 2. Lincoln Almeida – KM / Novarossi 3. Chrystian Nozawa – Mugen / Sirio In 1:10 Touring class, Demian won again and will fight for the title at the 3rd and final round!! 1. Demian Diniz – KM / Novarossi 2. Otavio Francisco – Mugen / Novarossi 3. Marcio Chichella – Capricorn / Novarossi In 1:10 Open class, I won the semis and lined up on 1st place for the main final. After a hit on the first corner I dropped to last place but pushed very hard to recover and take the lead at 10 minutes mark to never look back to bring home the win. KM drivers Demian finished on 6th place and Lincoln Almeida finished on 12th place. Final Result: 1. Cesar Salvadori – KM Racing / O.S. 2. Flavio Elias – Mugen / Novarossi 3. Leandro Campos – Mugen / O.S. 4. Eduardo Dulac – Shepherd / Max 5. Rafael Viveiros – Capricorn / Novarossi 6. Demian Diniz – KM Racing / Novarossi 12. Lincoln Almeida – KM Racing / Novarossi In 1:8 class the strongest winning contender Flavio Elias broke his car after a crash on the rear by other driver right on the race start. My car was hit in the same incident and I ran the whole race with a damaged tire. I lead most of the race until a backmarker broke popped off my left steering block. I lost the 1st place and with 2 minutes to finish the race lead Eduardo Dulac has a battery failure and I took back the lead and won the race. 1. Cesar Salvadori – KM Racing / O.S. 2. Eduardo Dulac – Shepherd / Max 3. Kazuo Ohara – Mugen / O.S. 4. Samuel Prato – Mugen / Novarossi 5. Peterson Parpinelli – Capricorn / Reds Now with only one round to finish the season, I’m alive and fighting for the title on both 1/10 open and 1:8 classes! !

Great News From Spain! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Spanish National Championship Date : 2014 May 31st ~ June 1st Place : Gijon,Spain H-K1 Titles : Best Lap & Track Record — Edu Escandon TQ — Edu Escandon Champion — Edu Escandon Below Race Report from KM spain Alex :

Edu took a convincing win after dominating all the weekend, setting the fastest lap and a new track record. Edu Escandón wins Spanish Nats 200mm Rd2 The 2nd round of the Spanish 1/10th 200mm National Championships took place last weekend in Gijon,north of Spain.Defending champion Edu Escandón took TQ honours with his O.S. powered KM Racing, setting a new track record being the only driver able to managed 16 seconds laps.Nacho Lopez was 2nd, Juan Hidalgo 3rd and Sergi Franch fourth. Final saw Edu running away, despite having a flame out due to a bit lean engine setting before his second pit stop, which cost him a lap,still won by a comfortable margin of 2 laps.Jonnhy Pastor came in 2nd and Sergi Franch completed the podium.


Great news from Hong Kong!

H-K1 and K8 took double TQ and Champion in 2014 Hong Kong On Road GP Championship by Hang! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Hong Kong On Road GP Championship

Place : Hong Kong

Date : 2014 May 25th

H-K1 title :

Best Lap:Hung Cheung Hang(19.411sec)

TQ : Hung Cheung Hang

Champion : Hung Cheung Hang

K8 title :

TQ : Hung Cheung Hang

Champion : Hung Cheung Hang

Goods News From Austria!

Race Name : 2014 European Championship A Warm-Up Race in Austria Date : 2014, May 24th ~25th Place : Kirchberg, Austria

H-K1 Title : 3rd Place – Gabor Forrai ( Hungary Driver )

Good News from Japan!

Race Name : 2014 JRCC GP Series ( round 4 ) Date : 2014, May 11th Place : Boss Track, Japan H-K1 Titles : Best Lap — Adachi 2nd Place — Adachi Below race report from Manabu Mizota: Our team driver, Adachi-san attend JRCC SeriesNo.4 at Boss Speed in May11th, 2014.This year 1/10 JMRCA Japan National will be held here, so many participants for 1/10 class… Like Adachi-san ( 2010 Champion ), Sports man class 2012 Champion and many top drivers attend this time. Adachi-san’s H-K1 made best lap time among such top drivers, but finally 2nd qualifier, and finish the final at 2nd. He keeps testing there for coming Japan National, and his H-K1 getting better and better. We can not wait the Japan National in Oct.

H-K1 got good result in Portugal GP Championship! ! !

Race Name : 2014 Portugal GP Championship Place : Maia Track, Portugal Date : 2014 May 3th-4th

H-K1 titles : 3rd Place : Hugo Mendes Top 10 : Two H-K1 Meen Version

Great News From Germany! ! !

Race Name : 2014 North German Championship ( 2nd round ) Date : 2014 May, 3th ~4th Place : North Germany H-K1 Title : Champion—Kristof Sielaff

Great News from Brazil – Sao Paulo state Round 2

Great News From Barzil! ! Race Name : 2014 Sao Paulo Championship ( 2nd Round ) Place : Sao Paulo,Brazil Date : 2014 April,26th~27th.

H-K1 Titles : Sportman Class Best Lap–Rafael TQ—Rafael 3rd Place—Rafael

Expert Class : Best Lap—Cesar TQ—Cesar Champion—Cesar

Below report from Cesar : This weekend AARC track received the 2nd round of São Paulo state championship. The qualis went perfect as Rafael TQ’d and so did I, and despite the super low traction, even worse than 2 weeks ago, I managed to set a new lap record! The sportsman 30min final was going smooth for Rafael, after a bad start he droped to 2nd place but quickly recovered the 1st position and pulled away from the rest of the field. Rafael kept the pace of the race until 27′ when his engine blew up while leading 2 laps from 2nd place, bad luck for a well deserved victory. Rafael still managed to get a podium finish in 3d place, and also set the best lap of sportsman class.The expert 45min final was flawless, I started and held the 1st place despite going sideways at the two first corners after the race start and quickly pulled away to never look back. This time I decided to stop every 5 minutes and it was ok during the whole race. I set the fastest lap of the race and won the race with a 7lap advantage over ther 2nd place. Fabio Mencarelli finished on 6th spot. We still have 2 more round to finish the season, I look forward to bring home the title after a 2nd place in 1st round and the victory in 2nd round!


2014 Thailand ORT Oasis Cup!

Race name : 2014 Thailand ORT Oasis Cup Date : 2014, April 19th ~ 20th Place : Thailand

H-K1 title : Champion : Chavit Sirigupta 2nd place : Trin Tanongsakchaikul Top l0 : 4KM H-K1 in A main

Great news from Brazil — KM H-K1 doubles for expert and sportman class! ! !

We have great news from Brazil! KM H-K1 doubles for expert and sportman class in brazil AARC race! ! !

Race Name : Brazil AARC Cup Place : Santo Andre,Brazil Date : 2014 April,12th~13th

Sportman Class : Best Lap—Rafael Lima Champion—Rafael Tahan Top 10—5 x H-K1

Expert Class : Best Lap—Cesar Salvadori TQ—Fabricio Zamperetti Champion—Cesar Salvadori 2nd Place—Fabricio Zamperetti Top 10—4 x H-K1

Here follows the last weekend’s race report : KM H-K1 MV version wins Expert and Sportsman classes at AARC round 1The 2014 season started at AARC, a track located in Santo Andre, nearby São Paulo city. My race day was particularly super busy as I was attending both EP and Nitro expert classes, and wrenching for a team mate on sportsman class. On sportsman class there were 2 KM cars on Top 3 after qualifying. The expert class qualifying was not OK for me as I haven’t had time to set my engine properly and couldn’t ran 5 minutes but as I was running a TQ pace, my time was 4th fastest even not finishing the last lap. My team mate Fabricio Zamperetti qualified on 2nd place. The main finals : Sportsman class : KM driver Rafael Lima started on 2nd place and took the lead on the first lap and pulled out. Rafael Tahan started in 3rd place, lost one place and stayed on the fight for the 3rd place for a few minutes. With 15 minutes Rafael Lima ran out of fuel, droping to 3rd place. Rafael Tahan gained the 2nd position after 2 very fast stops for refuelling. The 1st and 2nd placed cars stayed on the same lap until the end of the race, but Rafael Tahan was driving more consistently in the final minutes and with 4 laps to go he managed to overtake the race leader and take the victory for KM!! Rafael Lima crossed the finish line on 3rd place but was unfortunately DQ’d due to the rear bumper height of his body, something that didn’t give him any performance gain, but rules are rules. Result : http://www.mylaps.com/en/classification/3020111 ( KM drivers: 1st Rafael Tahan, 7th Fabricio Medeiros, 8th Geandre, 9th Rafael Lima DQ, 10th Rodrigo del Aguila DNS ) Expert class : I quickly took the lead and started to push hard as I was not confindent about my carburettor settings and decided to stop at 4’30” for refuelling and I knew my team mate Fabricio would refuel at 5’00”. I also took advantage of the fight between Fabricio and Flavio for the 2nd place and I could pull away from them, even after the first stop for refuelling I left the pitlane on 1st place and started to drive more easily as I felt the lost time with one extra refuel would not offer the risk of loosing te 1st place. At 15 minute mark a lapped car touched my car and I rolled on the roof, loosing 8 seconds. I was not sure about the distance to the 2nd and 3rd placed cars and started to push hard again, my car was very comfortable and I kept my fast pace until the end of the race, finishing on 1st place 2 laps ahead of my team mate Fabricio. Result : http://www.mylaps.com/en/classification/3020095 ( KM drivers : 1st Cesar Salvadori, 2nd Fabricio Zamperetti, 6th Fabio Mencarelli, 7th Sandro Martines, 11th Anderson Bechelli, 13th Kadu Bressan )

2014 First K8 & H-K1 Double Victories Came From Malaysia! ! !

Race Name : 2014 KL City GP Challenge

Date : 2014 March 1 ~ 2

Place : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

1/10 GP Touring Car

H-K1 Titles :

Best Lap — Chavit S (18.41sec)

TQ — Azri Amri

Champion — Charlee P

2nd Place — Azri Amri

A Main — 4 x H-K1

1/8 GP On Road

K8 Titles :

Best lap — Charlee P (16.554sec)

TQ — Chavit S

Champion — Trin T

A Main — 5 x K8

Great News From Japan!

Perfect Win For KM H-K1! ! !

Race name : Tam Tam 1/10 GP Series(1st round)

Date : 2014 Jan, 19

Place : Japan

H-K1 Title :

Best lap : Shimazaki Shinya(11.182 sec)—H-K1 MV

TQ : Shimazaki Shinya—H-K1 MV

Champion : Shimazaki Shinya—H-K1 MV

2nd Place : Koseki Kouichi—H-K1 MV

3rd Place : Keisuke Fukuda—H-K1 MV

Top 10 : 5 H-K1 MV

Below Race Report from KM Japan President Manabu Mizota :

Dear Sirs and Madams, Hot news from very cold Japan! ! Last weekend, One of the big hobby shop, TamTam organize their 1st series race at their permanent racing track in Gifu, Japan. KM Team driver, Fukuda, Shimazaki, and new team driver Asahara (Ex-Japan 1/8 GP Champion with his shake down H-K1 WC) attend this first race in year 2014. Shimazaki got TQ and follow by Fukuda, and Asahara…. When the final starts, Shimazaki’s H-K1 was too fast! ! When the 20 minutes final was done, he was 5 laps huge lead against 2nd place. The race season do not start yet in Japan, but we can not wait this year Japan National & World Championship! ! By the way, A-main was 8 cars because of very small technical track, and 5 cars were H-K1! ! TamTam Gifu Branch 1st series race Participants : 21 drivers. H-K1 titles : TQ and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place…. Perfect win! ! Thank you.