KM K8 In Race (2013)

Great News From Hong Kong! !

Hang double at Hong Kong GP Race! ! !

Race Name : 2013 Hong Kong HKRCSA GP Series (round 4)

Place : Hong Kong TRC Racing Track

Date : 2013, Nov 24th

• 1/10 GP

Best Lap : Hung Cheung Hang ( 19.293 sec ) — H-K1 Meen version

TQ : Hung Cheung Hang — H-K1 Meen version

Champion : Hung Cheung Hang — H-K1 meen Version

Top 10 : 4 H-K1 in A main

• 1/8 GP

TQ : Hung Cheung Hang — K8 proto-type 2

Champion : Hung Cheung Hang — K8 proto type 2

Great News From England!

Race name : 2013 European 1/8 GP On Road Championship

Date : 2013 July 26~28

Place : England

1/8 Titles : First Attempt K8 proto-type Version 1 by Adrien Bertin and stand up A main 5th!

Race Name : 2013 RCCA Thailand GP National Champion ( Round 1 )

Place : Khuntien,Bangkok Thailand

Date : 2013 July 20~21

K 8 Titles :

TQ — Charlee P

Champion — Trin

3 x K8 proto type in A Main

H-K1 Titles :

TQ — Charlee P

Champion — Meen V

2nd — Chavit G

6 x H-K1 in A Main

We have the great news from France.

Adrien Bertin won 2013 French Novarossi Open with K8 Proto-type!

Race name : 2013 French Novarossi open

Date : 2013 July 6~7

Place : France

K8 Titles :


We have great news from Malaysia! ! !

Race Name : 2013 Malaysia KL International GP open

Date : 5~7 July 2013

Categories : 1/10 & 1/8

Total participants : 140 drivers

Team KM & PRC again got almost full victory! !

1) 1/10 TQ and Champion—-Meen V H-K1 MV version

2nd Place——–Azri  H-K1 MV version

3rd Place———-Trin T H-K1 MV version

Best Lap (18.232)—Charlee P H-K1 MV vesrion

Five H-K1 MV version car in A main

2) 1/8  TQ————Meen V K8 Phototype

Champion——Trin T K8 Phototype

2nd—Azri K8 Phototype

Best Lap (16.379)—–Charlee P K8 Phototype

Four K8 phototype car in A main

We have the great news for H-K1 and K8 in 2013 Hong Kong Novarossi Cup ! ! !

Name of the race : 2013 Novarossi Cup in Hong Kong

Date : 30 June 2013

Track : TRC

Perfect win for KM Racing

1/10 :

Best lap : 19.051

TQ & Champion

Hung Cheung Hang use H-K1 WC Meen Version

2nd Place

Leung Chun Wai use H-K1 Evo 2

6th Place

WaDee H-K1 Evo 2

Three H-K1 in A main

1/8 :

Best lap : 16.736

TQ & Champion

Hung Cheung Hang use K8 phototype car

Race Report :

Hang made one lap ahead of all Hong Kong top drivers in both 1/10 & 1/8 class for 3 rounds of 7 mins qualify.

In both A main finals Hang performed clean victory from the beginning to the end and leaded the 2nd driver by 6 laps in 1/10 and 1 lap in 1/8.

It was again proved how strong is World Champion car H-K1 and the excellent potential of K8! ! !

We have great news from 2013 OS Futaba Cup @ Jakata Open ! ! !

1/10 GP ( Full Victory for KM Team )

TQ — Meen V

Champion — Nicholas Lee

2nd Place — Chavid saligupta

3rd Place — Meen V

A Main — 6 x KM H-K1 in Top 10

1/8 GP ( KM Team attend with 4 K8 sample cars )

TQ — Meen V

3rd Place — Meen V

A Main — 4 x KM K8 sample cars in Top 10

Below Race Report from Nicholas Lee:

The annual Futaba Cup took place last weekend in the city of Senayan in Jakarta. The track was resurfaced two weeks before the event but the layout remains the same as to the one I attended last year. The surface was sugar watered for increased traction on Saturday. This year’s event attracted drivers from 8 different countries, but most notably, 1 Reigning World champion from Thailand ( Meen.V ) and 2 Worlds finalists ( Alexander Hagberg and Chavit ).

As I had a good result finishing 2nd last year for the 10th and the 8th scales, I was hoping for a strong result. My dad and I arrived on Wednesday and we headed to the track right away. There were some new rules for this year as addictive is allowed and 4 rounds of 5 minutes qualifiers were to be ran. My initial plan was to break-in engines and choose the best engine for the race. However, I had a stressful week because none of my engines would finish 5 minutes. I wasted the time stressing on my engines rather than finding a competitive car setup and tyre combination.

In qualifying, I ran out of fuel at 3 minutes 30 seconds only to have found out that I had a hole in my fuel line. Second qualifying was decent and put me on 4th spot. I was pushing for a faster run on the 3rd qualifier but broke my car as I went too close to the wall on the straight. I decided to make some changes to a harder differential oil for the 4th and last round of qualifier. Car was much more stable and easier to drive, but could not make a faster time.

In the final, I had a bad start when attempting to make a pass on Charlee P. I went sideways and dropped to the back of the field. Minutes later, I was battling Bowie for the 5th spot. I made a contact on him and waited for him. We had a good 10 minutes of battle until he flamed out. 15 minutes into the final, I found myself in 3rd spot. With Meen leading and Hagberg close behind. Hagberg ran out of fuel multiple times and that moved me into 2nd spot. Moments later, Meen flamed out twice. And I would find myself leading the race after changing tyres. I won the race ahead of Chavit and Meen.

Thank you Mr.Kenny and HANG for your continue and effortless support and also trust in me. My win is always because of your support and I wont forget! Please continue to support me I really appreciate everything you do for me! And my win is dedicated to you and the crews for the support!

Great News From 1/8 Pre-World In Japan!

K8 — Killer Eight Born as 1/8 Pre-World 2nd Runner-up ! ! !

Only one week after the running K8 sample car full victory in Hong Kong KM Cup .

We did it again in 2013 1/8 Pre-World in Japan with two K8 in the A-Main Final !

K8 Titles :

Keisuke Fukuda — 2nd Runner-up

Meen V — 7th Place

It was a great start for the new born Killer Machine !

And we KM are seriously looking into the challenge of another World Titles in the coming IFMAR 1/8 On Road World Championship ! ! !