KM Cup Race Event

2013 2nd KM World Cup In Japan(Hong Kong & macau Selection race)–H-K1 & K8 full victory!!!

H-K1 & K8 Full Victory with TQ,1st,2nd and 3rd!!!
Please find attached some picture for the last weekend race.
This race attracted around 100 cars entried for both class 1/10 and 1/8.
Also it was the first time we introduced the new final style”KM Harmony Style”for finals!
H-K1 & K8(running sample car)full victory with TQ,1st 2nd and 3rd!
Below race report:
1/10—Starting order Meen,Fukuta,Hang,as we can see the hard battle was between team mate
Fukuta and Hang,they fight each other as gentle for the 2nd podium position for half way throught.
Finally Meen won by secure lead,fukuta 2nd and hang 3rd,.
1/8—Starting order same 1/10 as Meen,Fukuta and Hang,this time the battle was between Meen
and Fukuta for the leader position,unfortunately Fukuta accidiently hitted a broken edge
and had to withdraw the race.Then hang came up 2nd and Trin 3rd.Which also end up with all K8
for the top podium.It was a great start for the running car of KM K8.All team drivers are very happy with
the car and looking forward to get good result on pre-world in Japan next week!
We have again full victory for KM in Hong Kong!!!

All Asia KM team drivers are here this time!!!!

Race Name: 2012 1st KM World Cup Hong Kong Selection Race Final
Date: May,19~20th
Place: TRC Racing Tracking
H-K1 Titles:
Best Lap — Hang(19.421sec–Hong Kong)
TQ — Meen(Thailand)
Champion — Meen(Thailand)
2nd place — Hang(Hong Kong)
3rd — Charlee(Thailand)
4th — Nicholas Lee(Singapore)
7th — Azri(Malaysia)
9th — Trin(Thailand)
10th — Adachi(Japan)
Top 10 — 7 x KM H-K1
Total Entries — 50 drivers
Share of KM H-K1 in the race — 60%
Also yearly final chart after 6 rounds of races in open class for total of 60 Hong Kong drivers participated:
Top 10 results–KM H-K1 took Champion,2nd,3rd,4th,5th,6th and 10th place!!!
Top three KM drivers were selected and sponsored by KM to attend the 1st KM World Cup in Thailand,race date will be Oct,12th,13th,14th in RCaddict of Thailand!!!
Great victory for KM in the Hong Kong 1/10 GP racing market!
We have the great news from Hong Kong!!!

1st KM World Cup Hong Kong Selection Race(5th round)

Date: 2012,April 22nd
Place: Hong Kong ACO racing track
KM Factory driver invited to attend:Nicholas Lee from Singapore
Results :
Best Lap—Nicholas Lee(22.786 sec)
TQ—Nicholas Lee
Champion—Nicholas Lee(H-K1)
2nd place—Hung Cheung Hang(H-K1)
Top 10—4 x KM H-K1
B-main 1st,2nd,3rd All KM H-K1
C-main 1st,2nd,3rd All KM H-K1
Below race report from Nicholas Lee :
I would first like to thank you and my Master,Hang, for the best hospitality I had received last weekend. I can’t miss out mother nature as we managed to get one day of practice and finished the race “rain-free” too.
Although I felt that a day of practice was not enough, I did not have to worry much because the car was easy to drive. All in all, the only changes I made was just the shock positions.
I started the day brightly with a clean run giving me the pole position. I knew I could go faster and I put on a fresh set of tyres I prepared the day before. Not only I made the fastest lap, but I also shaved about 7 seconds off from my q1. I ran a rather similar pace for q3 without making any changes. With this result, I was the top qualifier for the 5th round of KM selection cup. Lining up the following grid were Dirty tiger and Hang, both piloting KM cars.
I started the final slower than expected. Dirty tiger and Hang put tremendous pressure on me and I made two mistakes which fell down the pack to 3rd spot. With another mistake by my mechanic during refuel, I wasnt able to catch Dirty tiger or Hang. With the race halfway through, Hang made a mistake and had his engine cut once. This puts me in 2nd spot. I was pushing to catch the leader but knew he had much faster pace. Lady luck was in my favor as he broke his car. I took the checkered flag when the race ended.
Satisfied with my result, still, I owe my victory to Kenny and Hang!
Next, I will fly to the world championship venue,Rc addict, this weekend to challenge for the Novarossi cup!
Great News From Hong Kong!

H-K1 again took all mojor titles in KM Cup H.K.

Race Name:1st KM World Cup Hong Kong Selection Race(4th round)
Date: 2012,Feb 19th
Place: PYC Racing Track
H-K1 Titles :
Best lap–Chow Kwok Wah(13.950sec)
TQ–Eddie Chu
Champion–Ray Leung
Race Report :
It was a good day with a little cold weather at arround 12 ~16 degree,but under some sunshine made it quite comfortable.
Until now we are racing on the 4th round of KM Cup Selection and this time is PYC racing track.Thanks to the track owner Eddie and track manager Ho for their modification on the track in order to cut down the damage level of the track edge.
Three runs qualify were done which made the track owner Eddie who TQ the race with his H-K1,little pity for driver Kwok Wai because he was very fast at the final round of qualify to make the best lap of the day 13.950 sec with his H-K1 side battery version and looking good to hit the new TQ,unfortunely one accident happened and he have to abandon the fast run.Finally top 4 directly into A-Main were Eddie(H-K1),Lei(NT1),Lung(H-K1)&Ray(H-K1).
A-main Final was started quite smoothly,Eddie leaded away for the first 10 mins but it was an accident that he flaped over for which the engine stop and lost him 2 laps,he came back hard but still couldn’t made the podium and have to sit on 4th position.
Long & hard battle were between Ray and Lei,almost from the beginning they were fighting within few seconds until the end,finally Ray managed to extend the distance in the last few minutes and took the champion since Lei was running out of tyres.One good thing we were happy to see is the track manager Ho,he was a famous driver long time back and never race for quite sometime because busy on the work,this time he borrowed a car to support the KM cup and came back with a happy ending 3rd postion according to his super stable drive in the final!
After the tropies were given,lucky draw were again held by KM.Total of 24 prizes were given out & special thanks to Mr.Cheung sponsored 12 bottles of Rapicon fuel for the luck draw.
All drivers were very happy with the race and looking forward to the next round in ACO with the new KM race style”Harmony Style”for finals!!!
H-K1 dominate Hong Kong Race again!!!
Race name: 2012 1st KM World Cup–Hong Kong & Macau Selection Race(round 3)
Date: 2011,Nov 20th
H-K1 Titles :
1. TQ—Hung Cheung Hang
2. Best lap—Hang(19.062)
3. Track Record—Hang(19.062)
4. Champion–Hang
5. 3rd Place—Ray Leung
6. 4th,5th,6th,8th,9th,10th Place
Top 10 — 8 x KM H-K1
Race Report :
Hang race the first qualify and made 32 laps,which he didn’t race the 2nd and 3rd qualify because he need to help his team mate for car setting and so on.
After 3 qualify Hang TQ the race with the first result where the 2nd qualifier was driving the new Mugen MTX5 was making 30 laps, other two guys made their way direct into the A-final were Kwok Wai and Siu Ming with their KM H-K1
The Semi-final B group didn’t made fast drive which made the Semi-final A with 4 drivers bump up into a-main but only 2 drivers from B.
After all Christmas tree finals were done in A main was 8 x KM,1 x X’Ray and 1 x Mugen.
Start off the A-final was pretty clear where Hang was leading away until the end and made the best lap of the day with a amazing lap time of 19.062 sec.This lap time was even much faster than two weeks ago he made his best lap in the race(19.233sec)when he had his heavy battle with Ronald Volk and Jilles Groskam.The new best lap time is also the new track record for the current track lap out.Hang was testing the H-K1 new air-wing type side battery main chassis & the front swing upper deck which given him a really great feelings in handling because left & right side of the car are completely balance!
But there was tough battle between 2nd place Luk driving the new Mugen and KM driver Ray,they were fighting and chasing from 15 mins until the 30 mins end,Luk was little struggling with the gear stripping problem in the last 2 mins but still managed to took the 2nd place with only 3 sec.ahead of Ray.
Finally team KM was making great results with 8 cars in A-main and took almost all major titles.
After the race award and lucky draw were held, all partipants were happy & enjoying the race and looking forward to the next round in another Hong Kong race track!
1st KM World Cup H.K. Selection Race(round 2)
Date: 2011,Sept.4th
Place: PYC,Hong Kong
Participants: 30 drivers
H-K1 drivers: 20 drivers
H-K1 Titles :
1.Champion — Ray Leung
2.TQ — Ray Leung
3.2nd place — Eddie Chu
4.Best Lap & Track Record — Hung Cheung Hang(14.815 sec)
Top 10: 7 x H-K1
Race Report :
It was a really hot day with some rain,but still there were 30 participants attended with the big share of 20 KM drivers.
After the practice period,seems that the battle will be between KM Team driver Hang,Ray and local driver Eddie(H-K1),Lung(H-K1) & Lei(NT1)
Qualifying(3 rounds)
First two rounds were took by KM team driver Ray with his stable drive, where H-K1 engineer Hang were hitted in the first and ran out of fuel at the 2nd round.
3rd round the rain came in the middle of the race and upon the request from the drivers the 3rd round were re-race.Hang took the lead but needed one more time re-fuel,then as the total 3 rounds Ray took the TQ title.Top four drivers direct into the A-main were Ray(H-K1),Hang(H-K1),Eddie(H-K1) and Lei(NT1).
Others need to bump up with the Chirstmas tree finals which came out at the end were 7 H-K1,one NT1,one V10 and one V-OneRRR in A main.
Semi-fnal(20 mins)
In semi-final ,KM China team driver Jiang Dong were running really good with the lead but unfortunately one mechanic was carelessly hitted his car and he has to abandon his chance to be in A,On the other hand Sheperd team driver Michael also have to take resign from the early stage with his engine problems. At the end there were 4 KM,1 Sheperd,1 Kyosho enhance into the A-main from the semi.We are happy to see new comer like Micky and Lam Suen who switched from NT1 recently and got into the A-main with a fast lap time and their new H-K1.
A final(30 mins)
10 cars were started throught the tight corner where Hang came out first but was hitted in the 2nd corner,he managed to chase up to 4th rapidly from the last but made a mistake that cutting too sharp on one corner then turn over and crashed, finally he can still made a best lap& track record and finish the race.But he is very happy with the performance of the H-K1 because all of KM drivers were racing in good form!
Ray(H-K1) and Eddie(H-K1) were starting good with no mistake and smoothly came back with 1st and 2nd,where other H-K1 drivers took 4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th position.
Next round will be held in TRC on Nov,which will be the best weather season in Hong Kong for the race day.
KM Group International hold the “2012 1st KM World Cup–Hong Kong & Macau Selection Race(1st round)in Hong Kong last weekend,and H-K1 took all major titles!!
Race Name: 2012 1st KM World Cup–Hong Kong & Macau Selection Race(1st round)
Race Track: ACO Racing Track
Date: July,10th
Participants: 52 driverseen
No. of H-K1 drivers: 35 drivers
Top 10:4 x H-K1
1. TQ:Hung Cheung Hang
2. Champion:Hung Cheung Hang
3. Best Lap:Hung Cheung Hang(23.086sec)
4. 2nd place:Leung Wing Wah
5. 4th place:Leung Chun Wai,Ray
6. 8th place:Chan Kwok Lung
It was a surprising weekend not only because the super heavy rain came in after two qualify and stop 45 mins later in order to let the race can be completed successfully(Thanks to the ACO track manager Mr. Leung and PYC track owner Mr.Eddie Chu & Driver Lung,great to see two different track’s manager and owner co-operate together but not fighting each other~~!)
But also very surprisingly the 10th and 11th place drivers after semi-final got the same number of laps,exactly same finishing time as 34 laps 15 mins 12.276 sec.It was really amazing incident which we never seen that happen since the first day we organize the KM Cup race!!
So we put both drivers into A-main and makes it total 11 drivers for the A Final!!!
Two qualify rounds were finished before the rain for which KM Group Development Dept. Manager & H-K1 designer Hung Cheung Hang was leading away and made the best lap of the qualify round with 23.133 sec and the only 26 laps among all drivers,where the second car was the V10 team driver Michael with 25 laps and 23.453 sec best time,third position was the famous Hong Kong fast driver Samuel Chiu who had enjoyed more than 30 years of RC racing and still capable to compete with the yound guys,he is team X’Ray and made 25 laps with 23.537 best time.Fouth driver was the track manager Leung Wing Wah,he was driving H-K1 and managed to make also a very fast lap time 23.259 sec but had a little crash in the second qualify with Samuel then caused him loosing the second place in qualify.
Since all KM Cup race is following the IFMAR race system then those four drivers were straight into the A-main and no need to race the semi-finals.
4 x H-K1 were finally post in A-main final,Hang again leaded away from the start until the end and made the best lap time of the day 23.086sec,where ACO track manager Leung was keeping his 2nd position throught out the final with his H-K1 and made a better lap time at 23.127sec.
3rd position were taken by V10 driver Michael with a stable drive at 23.514 sec best time.
4th and 5th position was a hard battle between H-K1 driver Ray and NT-1 driver Samuel,they were fighting against each other almost half of the race and at the last lap Ray was only 1 sec ahead but Samuel ran out of fuel in the final corner and only can secure the 5th position.Another H-K1 driver Lung was having few accidents and took the 8th position.
The tropies award was for the top 20 drivers and also they will get points and bring it to the next round.After the award there were lucky draw for all drivers,25 prizes were drawed for the lucky guys and KM is planning to do it throught out all 6 selection races.
KM Group International will hold total 6 selection races in three different race tracks in Hong Kong until next year before the 1st KM World Cup in Thailand.(2012 Oct.)
Two more races within this year and three next year.Top three KM H-K1 drivers from Hong Kong & Macau will be sponsored to attend the 1st KM World Cup!!
2011 4th KM Asia Cup(RC Addict In Thailand)
Completely Successful Victory in 4th KM Asia Cup!!!
Date:27-29th May, 2011
Place:Thailand RC Addict
TQ: Meen
Five H-K1 in Top 10–Meen,Hang,Phatiphan,Trin,Charlee
2011 4th KM Asia Cup(Hong Kong selection Race 5th round)
Date:2011,March 6th
Place:Hong Kong ACO racing track
Participant:45 drivers
KM drivers:16 drivers
Final results:H-K1 took TQ,Champion,6th and 7th
1.TQ–Leung Wing Wah
2.Champion–Hung Cheung Hang
3.6th position–Chan Kwok lung
4.7th position–Leung Wing Wah
And the total result for 1st to 5th round final standing(open race).
We KM has 6 H-K1 in the top 10.Which is 1st,3rd,5th,6th,8th and 9th.
Because in all 5 rounds we took 5 x Champion titles,4 x TQs titles and the H-K1 is already dominating and won the biggest market share of the 1/10 GP market in Hong Kong!!!

2011 4th KM Asia Cup (Hong Kong & Macau selection 4th round)
Date:23rd Jan,2011
Place:Hong Kong TRC racing track
Final results: Hang drives H-K1 won champion
2011 4th KM Asia Cup (Hong Kong & Macau selection 3rd round)
Date:21st Nov,2010
Place:Hong Kong PYC racing track
Final results:Nick Chan drives H-K1 won champion
2011 4th KM Asia Cup (Hong Kong & Macau selection 2rd round)
Date:19th Sep,2010
Place:Hong Kong AOC racing track
Final results:Hang drives H-K1 won champion
2011 4th KM Asia Cup (Hong Kong & Macau selection 2rd round)
Date:22nd Aug,2010
Place:Hong Kong TRC racing track
Final results:Leung Chun Wai drives H-K1 won champion