EVO2-WT100 EVOII Waist Twister System


EVO2-WT100 Instructions

     Special Features :
    1. Suitable to be used on H-K1 EVOII
    2. New EVO2 alum. Twisted plate mount & EVO2 alum. middle plate front mount will enable to be mounted with the new EVO2 copper middle plate EVO2-130-25CO (release soon)
    EVO2-WT100 Included
    WT001L  Holder Arm Left x 1 Pc
    WT001R  Holder Arm Right x 1 Pc
    WT002  Center Block A x 1 Pc
    WT003  Spring Adjustor x 2 Pcs
    WT004  Center Disk x 2 Pcs
    WT005  Center Pin x 1 Pc
    WT006  Center Block B x 1 Pc
    EVO2-457-1  EVO2 Alum. Middle Plate Front Mount x 1 Pc
    EVO2-WT007L  EVO2 Alum. Twisted Plate Mount Left x 1 Pc
    EVO2-WT007R  EVO2 Alum. Twisted Plate Mount Right x 1 Pc
    EVO2-WT008  EVO2 Waist Twister System Twist Plate x 1 Pc
    WT009A  Screw Spacer A x 2 Pcs
    WT009B  Collar B x 2 Pcs
    WT010  Spring 0.6mmx20mm (L) x 2 Pcs
    HK901  BH M3x5 x 1 Pc
    HK902  BH M3x6 x 4 Pcs
    HK932  FH M2.5×6 x 5 Pcs
    HK930  FH M3x6 x 1 Pc
    HK933  FH M3x8 x 2 Pcs