Mr. Marc Rreisig (Germany)

Another good news for H-K1(1st Nitro West germany Championship)
We have another good news from Germany. Date:2011,May 1st
Place:West Germany
Our germany distributor Robitronic’s sales manager Marc Rreisig did well in the 1st Nitro West Germany Championship. Below is his report:
last weekend we had the 1st Nitro West Run and I was able to finished 3rd.
Here are some more detail.
Because of some personal reason I wasn`t able to stay at the Track on the practice day so I just joint the event on Sunday and starter directly with the qualifying runs.
I was able to figure out a better and better Setup after each run and finished third after qualifying.
For the final I made again some smaller changes on the Setup because I feels there is still some gap to make the car even faster.
Unluckily I had some trouble before the start because of my glow plug so I started with a delay of 1:45 min. into the race.
The car feels very good know and also very fast and because of this I was able to make the podium at the end and also the best race lap time.
I am sure the result would be much better without the delay and just can say “Yes it is a Pure Free Fighting Machine”

Mr.Shasa Lackner (Swiss)

So it was a strong weekend as i didnt had any chance to get a good engine for the race, so i had to start with my 2 years old engine.
the car was amazingly good i was in top form, so i tq`d all the quali rounds in front of traugott schär (ec finalist) matthias meier and some other very good swiss drivers.
as with the new efra rules there arent direct quaified drivers for the final, every driver has to go trough qaurter and semi finals.
i started in the semifinal on pole and won it.
in the final i started from second because of my engine i had to do an extra fuel stop in the semi final.
in the first lap i overtook traugott schär and took the lead.
the the problems begun, i had to tune my engine because it wents lean and rich in anytime… i also had less power from the beginning then all other drivers beacuse of my old motor. after 11 minutes my engine broke.
so i had to give up.

Mr. Christian Costanzo (Italy)
Italian Driver Christian Costanzo got victory for Italy IDM tropy with Champion,TQ and best lap results,below is his words:
this weekend I attended a race trophy IDM in which since the tests the car was fast and we obtained the 1st place in the TQ and the best lap. After a 45 minutes final we obtained the 1st position again and during this race the machine is recognized to be very excellent, fast and really easy to drive.
im sure that i can manage to win the other races with new motors :-)

Mr. Takuya Kannaka (Japan)

I bought KM options through On-Line shop in japan, and I wonder why the prices are so good. But when I received the goods, I was big surprised because of its high quality and good great, even the price were low. Sooner, I equipped them onto my Mugen Gas Sedan, and its performance also improved same as I expect. Therefore, after all, I purchase all line up of KM options for MTX-4, and I am so satisfied with my car now. Not so many people knowing and using KM options right now, so this is a special good point for me. In recently, I also purchased KM Quick Fuel Gun, why the price is so good and work’s really well?, anyway, I could have a good one. Please KM,keep releasing good items with good price, good luck!!Thank you.

Damien Partridge (Australia)

I am very impressed with the performance of the chassis conversion kit. I highly recommend this kit to anyone who would like to give there ZX-5 a new lease on life, the balance of the car is significantly improved with excellent jumping ability and control. Go into a championship with only the best, Best being KM/RC products.

Mr. AU(Taiwan)

I first saw Km brand products when I was in a model car shop in mong kok of Hong Kong.
Even I worked in Taiwan, I use KM’s products for my model car. Km’s brand product is my first choice. Why?
First of all, I was attracted by its packing and outlook. The packing displayed fine, colourful and a feeling of sincere and exprecise production. Secondly, the quality is high but the price is very reasonable. I bought the KM parts and fittled into my car kyosho v one rrr. I found it can improve a lot than the original car performance, the car much more ran smooth, powerful and faster than before. The car became perfect so KM’s product is much more than I can expexted for what I spent.I hope KM can release more and more parts for me in the coming days!
Finally, I wish all the best for KM group and sucessful business in the future.
Jiang dong (China)
The brand name, KM, I think most of the RC car Fans are familiar with it. This famous brand name was established by Mr. Kenny Ng and his employees from KM Group (International) Holding Company Limited in Hong Kong.
I am the RC car driver of Kyosho V-One RRR now and I have run my car with many KM optional parts installed for some period. I would like to share some experience about using KM parts:
  • Very nice product appearanceKM products are perfectly manufactured. We can see the parts’ colour, cleanliness, smoothness etc. are excellent.
  • Wide range of optional partsKM has developed many parts which are used on different brands RC cars. This provides the drivers, who own few types of model cars, more selections to improve the performance of their cars.
  • High quality and durabilityKM products are made by top quality raw materials. This is the key of durable and high quality products. I have an experience about the muffler joint short springs. Before using the KM springs, I used the original springs from the muffler maker. The springs were deformed due to the collision. Because of the high temperature from the muffler, those springs became rigid after some period. However, the situation is totally different when KM one is used. Even a long period later, the springs are still elastic and this save me a lot of money for buying new springs.
  • Ingenious and creative designAll KM products are designed intimately. For example, KMV3R-015 V-One RRR rear 3mm graphite shock plate. This plate is not only the shock angle adjustment holes gained, the structure strengthened, high quality material made by, but also three ingenious design applied:a.) Other settings on the car will not be affected when the damper angle changed. Since all shock adjustment holes are lined on an arc, this keeps the distance between the socket balls on the shock plate and on the suspension arm equal during the switches of the shock angles.b.) Easy and convenient fuel tank lid zip ties setup. Due to the lack of the zip ties hole on the original shock plate, it is so troubled for us to fix the tie on the plate. However, this will not occur when KM shock plate is used. There is the featured hole on the KM one as we can easily apply the zip tie.c.) Working fluency of the shock is improved. For KM shock plate, the pit nearby the adjustment holes is made on it. I initially do not understand why there is a pit. After explained by Mr. Hung Cheung Hang – Assistant Manager in KM Product R&D department, I know this feature improves the defect of Kyosho shock plate. If original shock plate is used, both ends of the shock are not on the same plane. Therefore, the shock cannot work fluently. However, KM one solves this problem very well.
KM products are so outstanding. I think it is directly related to their manufacturing ability and design ability.
Let us talk about the KM production first. I am honored to visit the KM factory since my best friend is a designer in KM. He is Mr. Hung Cheung Hang.After entering KM factory, the first sight in my eyes was the broad, clean and tidy workshop, the uniformed and skillful workers and the precise and advanced production facilities. Therefore, I am confident to use KM products.I was very amazed as I saw there were some RC car parts in the scrap material area.
After asking the quality control technicians, I understood the parts were failed because the tolerances of the parts were unacceptable even the appearance of them were excellent. I really wanted to get few of them and to install on my car.Besides, Hang explained all the workers in KM factory were his students and were studying the topic of RC models, so they understood much about what models were. In my opinion, it is reasonable that the workers should understand what products they made if the parts are required to control in high quality.
About the KM R&D department, there is the wealth of talents: 2006 IFMAR Pre-World Champion – Mr. Hung Cheung Hang, Top class driver in Hong Kong – Mr. Chan Kai Man & Mr. Cheng Tak Chee, National RC helicopter Champion – Mr. Hung Kei Chung and few professional engineers. Thus, the aim of all the products designed by KM is to competently improve the performance and functions of the original car. Before the mass production of each item, it will be repeatedly tested and checked by their designers / engineers to take plenty of data and records. Based on those data, KM will keep modifying until it is perfect. As I know such as the V-One RRR Rear Camber Plate of KM, it was tested by Mr. Hung Cheung Hang in 6 championship races and then released. Therefore, KM products are practical and functional.
Up to now, maybe some people still have some suspect feelings about KM products. However, after using them, you will understand much of its quality and design concept and will find out KM products is the stuff you are looking for!
  • 二樓板:KM的二樓板設計可以是對原裝車的性能最大的改進。其偷空較多,可以改善車架的扭動,增強車輛的抓地性能。另外對原裝二樓板不易裝卸轉向推杆的弊端已作了改善。還有一個貼心的小設計,就是在第五支車殼柱結合位做了六角凹位處理,是車殼柱不會翻松。
  • 尾輪CAMBER調節器:原裝車並無此設計,KM的設計無疑是考慮更為周全,通過提供更多的孔位供尾輪 的CAMBER變化量調節,以適應更多類型的場地,若在特殊情況下使用膠胎,其改進的效果則更為明顯。另外也可加強尾差速箱的剛性。
  • 前後油壓架:比原裝的加厚,並且調節孔位也增加了許多。更便於油壓的調校。後油壓架還開了一條槽便於拴住加油鬆緊帶。
  • 頭直軸:比原裝的更為耐用,且作了儘量的偷輕處理,我用它賽了數場比賽,至今還未有虛位,可謂久經考驗。
  • 車碟做工精細且提供孔位散熱
  • 車杠杆:專業的碳纖設計,並且提供兩個位置以供選擇(我使用最外的孔位)。
  • 車殼柱固定架:碳纖設計,對保持車殼柱的穩定起很大作用。以上心得,供大家參考。