Brand Products

KM Racing
Mainly for on-road car.
Target on top quality racing parts and accessories!
All the parts are extremely modified to reach the highest
Performance and achieve the best result in topper grade &
World-class of racings.
Designed by 2006 1/10th 200mm On-road IFMAR pre-worlds
KM Concept
Mainly for off-road car.
Highly creative and lots of marvelously ideas applied on hop-Up parts, conversion kit,accessories to an extraordinary Standard.
Most of the KM Concept’s products are not available or have the similar items in the market! They are unique!
Designed by our cre
KM Copter
Excellent on modified parts, accessories and
Conversion kit for RC helicopters.
Intent to improve the flight performance, intensify
Structure and attractable appearance!
Designed by our experienced pil