H-K1 in Race (2012)

KM Racing Become World Champion Brand!

Meen & H-K1 took 2012 IFMAR 1/10 GP

Touring car world champion title!!

H-K1 Titles :

Best Lap : Dario Balestri (14.702sec)

Track Record : Dario Balestri (14.702sec)

A-Main 9th : Hung Cheung Hang

Champion : Meen V

Azri Amri Won again at 2012 Malaysia (KLIRCC) GP National Championship

Race Name: 2012 Malaysia (KLIRCC) GP National Championship

Date : 14-10-2012

Place : Malaysia

H-K1 Titles :

Champion – Azri Amri

Best Lap – Azri Amri

Bernd Rausch Won at Germany Nitro West Masters Velp 2012

Race Name : Germany Nitro West Masters Velp 2012

Date : Oct 6~7, 2012

Place : West Germany

H-K1 Titles :

2nd Place – Bernd Rausch

Dario Balestri got 2nd Place and Best lap (2012 Italy National Final Race)

Race Name : 2012 Italy National Final Race

Date : 30 Sept 2012

Place : Italy

H-K1 Titles :

Best lap record – Dario Balestri

2nd Place – Dario Balestri

Dario Won again at 2012 European Novarossi Trophy !!!

Race Name: 2012 European Novarossi Trophy

Date : 2012 Sept. 1st & 2nd

Place : Italy

H-K1 Titles :

TQ – Dario Balestri

Champion – Dario Balestri

Team KM Full Victory in Indonesia!!!

Race Name: 2012 Indonesia International Open Race

Date: 2012 June 23th ~ 24th

Place: Indonesia twin circuit track

Best Lap: Meen V

TQ: Meen V

Champion: Meen V

2nd Place: Nicholas Lee

Top 10: 7 x KM H-K1 EVOII

Nicholas report :

I travelled on last monday, the 18th of June, to Indonesia to participate in the Futaba cup at the famous Twin circuit track. I only started practice on wednesday. My KM Evo2 was great and I chose to remain my setup that i’ve used during the Singapore Open Race as it worked well. The only things that i’ve changed was to the Protoform Srs body and using Bi-compound tyres from Matrix.

There were 3 qualifyings of 5 minutes on saturday and 1 more the next day. After 4rounds of qualifyings, I qualified 2nd and was 5 seconds behind. Also in this race, 6 km cars made it to the final.

The A-main final was to be a 45 minutes race but it was shortened to 35 minutes because the rain started. I would finished 2nd for this race.

I want to thank Team KM for the support! I will work harder to achieve better results!

Great victory for KM in the Hong Kong 1/10 GP racing market!

We have the great news from Euro!!

KM H-K1 is the European Championship B 1/10 GP Champion!!!

Race Name : European Championship B

Place : France

Date : Apr 26-29, 2012

H-K1 Titles:

TQ — Fred Bourrillon

Champion — Fred Bourrillon

Below short massage from ART Nico :

Trust you are well. Here is an excellent new as our driver Fred Bourrillon is new European 1/10 B Champion with KM H-K1 car and Orion engine. He made the TQ honors and started with n°1 in main final. He won with an excellent car. I will post you later the complete results and more pictures.

We have the great news from Thailand!

Meen & H-K1 took Novarossi Asia Cup Title!!

Race Name — 2012 Novarossi Asia Cup

Place — Thailand RCaddict

Date: April,20~22th

H-K1 Titles:

Best lap — Meen V(15.1 sec)

TQ — Meen V

Champion — Meen V

Fifth place — Trin

Great Great News From Singapore!!!

Nicholas got great result in Singapore with H-K1!!!

Race Name:RCMC Singapore 1/10 GP Open Race

Date:2012 March


H-K1 Titles :

TQ: Nicholas Lee

Champion: Nicholas Lee

Best Lap: Nicholas Lee

Race Report :

It is the first GP race Nicholas attend in Singapore with H-K1 and already got great result!!!

Below his race report:

I am proud to say that I have achieved good result for my first race with my KM HK-1 car. Meanwhile, enjoy the report.

Going into my first GP race, I did not get enough practice or testing that I needed because of the bad weather condition and I have hardly tested my fuel time for a 7 minutes qualifier heats. But during practice I was able to roughly conclude what setup change I need to the car. So, I made two new gear differentials for spare with different oil in case i need to change.

My mechanic and I had a different strategy coming into the pit for refuel. Because we do not know the exact time for refuel, The reason for this strategy was to guage for the refuel in the finals. However, however he made a mistake and it backfired. I was on Tq pace and my car ran out of fuel at 6mins35seconds. My fastest single lap was a 19.0 while the next fastest guy was making a 19.1.

I had a better feel of the car after the first qualifier. I decided to change to a lighter differential in the front for my second qualifier. The car felt slightly better and I was making 19.1 while the rest of the field dropped their pace to 19.4 because of hot weather. However, I did not complete the race as well because at the straight away, a beginner’s car slow down and hit me. My car flew all the way to the grass patch and couldnt recover because my engine cut. It was just bad luck for me having a car slowed down at the long straight.

I did not make any changes to the car for Q3 because i know the next thing i need to change would be softer springs in the front and I do not have. But i know the car felt competitive to win and all I need was a clean run. I ran a safe race trying to slow down to overtake some cars at some point of time and I finished the race with the only 22 lapper and I also made a good single lap in Q3 doing a 18.9. With this result, I moved all the way to the top of the table and I am also the top qualifier for my first GP race in Singapore.

The heavy rain destroyed any hope of running the finals. To conclude, I was also the champion for this race.

I have made a few mistake during the race and lI am happy to encounter them because it can be applied to future major races.

As I heard lots of great results for H-K1 winning all over the world but still not yet from Singapore,but now with this result and I am confident for the coming races, KM will also coming to be a strong force in Singapore as well!

I would like to thank Hang because I have discussed many things about the car with him before and during the race. I appreciated it and my first win would not be possible without Master Hang and Mr Kenny support.

Great Great News From Italy!!!

Dario Balestri & H-K1 Took 2012 1st Italian National Champion Title!!!

Race Name:1st Italian National Championship

Date:2012 March,22nd~25th


H-K1 Titles :

Champion: Dario Balestri

Track Record: Dario Balestri

Race Report :




Great News From Malaysia

Race Name: Malaysia (KLIRCC) GP National Championship

Date: 17-18 March 2012

Place: Malaysia KL

H-K1 Results

Best Lap:Meen V

TQ:Charlee P

Champion: Mizan

Top10:5xKM H-K1 in A Main


H-K1 dominate brazil race again!!!


Date: 2012,Mar 22th


Race Report :

In “sport” class Fabio Mencarelli took the TQ honors and won a very tight 30min final, fighting with KM driver Geandre Rollin until the last 30 seconds.

Geandre was leading but could not hold the pressure and mistake costed him the victory and also the 2nd place which went to Flavio Fatinanzi who took the runner up spot on the very last lap, leaving Geandre on 3rd place eventually.

1st place: Fabio Mencarelli – KM – Novarossi Flash PT

2nd place: Flavio Fatinanzi – Xray – Max

3rd place – Geandre Rollin – KM – Novarossi Flash PT

In “expert” class Fabricio Zamperetti Tq’d and drove a superb race to win the 30min final, closely followed by Fabio Urano and Chung Min Hsu to complete a 1-2-3 for KM Racing!

The trio crossed the finish line with 1 lap of difference only. Fabricio used the new conversion kit as well as the new upgrade parts of the upcoming EVO2 chassi.

1st place: Fabricio Zamperetti – KM – Novarossi 353 SR

2nd place: Fabio Urao – KM – Novarossi FLASH PT

3rd place – Chung Min Hsu– KM – Novarossi 353 SR

H-K1 Got Good Result In Japan!!!

Race Name:Japan Bask Cup Race

Date: 2012,Feb 19th

Place:Bask Racing Track(Mugen track)

H-K1 Titles :

2nd place–Adachi

Top 10–2 x H-K1

Race Report :

Feb.19th at BASK Racing Track ( Mugen track)

Adachi attend series race, and he got 2nd place. Also, 9th place is H-K1.

First time Adachi attend the Bask Race, and 2nd, so good promotion for KM!!(RONY Yokoyama-san was 8th place!!)

Hang & H-K1 is the 2011 Hong Kong Champion!!!

Race name: 2012 IFMAR WC 1/10 GP Hong Kong Selection Race Final<

Date: 2012,Jan 8th

Place: ACO Racing Track

H-K1 Titles :

Best Lap — Hung Cheung Hang (19.218 sec)

Track Record — Hang (19.218sec)

TQ — Hang

Champion — Hang

Race Report :

It was the final round of the 2012 IFMAR WC 1/10 GP Selection race,Hang TQ the three qualify by one lap over the second driver Poon who was driving the X’ray and also Hang was the only one who could made 30 laps in the qualify rounds.

In the 30 mins final,Hang was again leading away from the start to the end by heading the second NT1 driver Chan with an amazing victory of 4 laps by breaking his own track record with best lap of the day!

Hang was using the newest H-K1 side battery version & the waist twister system and the handling was super!!He was also using the Murnan modified M3 engine and he feel the speed & fuel consumption were great!!

Total of 4 rounds selection races,with the best three out of four system Hang managed to gain the highest scord to make him & H-K1 to be the 2011 Hong Kong Champion of the 1/10 GP!

He also won the first seat of the two to attend the 2012 IFMAR World Championship in Thailand!!!